brander is a specialty coffee roastery situated in the heart of the historic city of Halle near Brussels. Passionate about quality, we source a small, fresh range of specialty coffees and roast them lightly to highlight all flavours that make them distinct. 

Brander is a minimalist roastery that was founded by Veerle and Lowie in 2017. brander started off as a café-cum-roastery but has become purely a roasting business. Now we can focus solely on sourcing and roasting outstanding coffees.  

Sourcing the finest coffees
All our coffee beans are handpicked and of specialty grading, preferably from micro- farms that care as much as we do about great coffee. We choose our beans for quality, cleanliness, sustainability and traceability. We only buy fresh, seasonal crop.
We work with selected partners who are engaged with the coffee community, partners who stay close to producers, and guide them towards improving farm and processing practice to produce higher quality coffee. 

We lightly roast the beans with the aim to highlight all flavours that make the coffee distinct. Our well-sourced coffees often surprise and delight with the sheer variety of their unique flavour profiles. Profiles are constantly calibrated, considering the organically changing nature of our green coffee.
To ensure quality and freshness, we roast to order in small batches and ship directly from our roastery. We choose to open and unravel the roasting process for everyone by opening the roastery a few days a month. Feel free to pop in, say hello and taste some coffee!

We are very passionate about coffee and we aspire to share this passion. It is the very joy of learning and gathering knowledge that drives us every day. We often gather around the cupping table, to optimise our approach. That is where we make buying and roasting decisions and where we calibrate our profiles, always with utmost quality in mind. We know our beans by heart. We value clean and bright cups. We never cut corners. Our coffee speaks for itself.


Obvious, no?
Making an effort for the planet is important to us. These past few years sustainability has become a tremendously popular word which has led to the misusage of it. For us, it is a core value and we try to uphold it in every business decision we make. 
Whether we talk about our re-usable packing options, our fully home-compostable caps or…  We sure are not perfect but we do try and care.  Small steps to reduce our footprint. 

Veerle, Lowie & Steffen