Villa Luz

Launching the WOW-series: a series of limited-edition coffees featuring the finest and most exclusive micro-lots

We have been diving into the world of experimental fermentations recently. As purists, we were initially sceptical about the changes that have taken place in the coffee industry in recent years. We hold traditional methods in high regard and believe they produce some of the finest coffees in the world. However, it's essential to remain open to change and innovation. Through our regular cuppings, we have discovered some real gems, which stand out due to their rare and unique varieties or have been processed and fermented using unusual and innovative methods. We want to share these coffees with you, so we decided to launch our WOW series. This series is designed to showcase the most exotic, rare, and captivating coffees, promising an unparalleled sensory experience. These micro-lots are typically very limited releases as the fermentation methods are very labour-intensive, time-consuming, and risky for producers, resulting in small lots. We are confident that you will find these limited-edition coffees to be among the most exciting and memorable ones you have ever tasted. We can't wait for you to try them.

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Villa Luz

The second coffee in our selection of standout specialty coffees, is this outstanding Villa Luz. Emilson Mosquera, Ana Milena Morera, and their son Victor Manuel burst onto the coffee scene in 2020, creating cups that shattered expectations. It came as no surprise when this rising-star family farm was recognised in the TOP 10 of various competitions and auctions such as The Best of Cauca, Colombia Land and Diversity, and others. Villa Luz its big, fruit-forward flavours are undeniable. It boasts flavours of pineapple, strawberry, and melon, accompanied by a full, jammy body and uninhibited sweetness. This coffee is a candy-filled cup of joy. Every note in Villa Luz can be traced back to an act of devotion. Love and dedication have never tasted so fruity!

Prolonged anaerobic fermentation at low temperature

This lot comprises only the healthiest and most dense cherries, packed with flavour. All cherries were meticulously harvested and underwent a thorough selection based on density, cherry size, and color. After a prolonged anaerobic fermentation process in tanks at low temperature (15 to 18ºC) for 15 days while still in the cherry, the coffee is sun-dried on African beds for an additional 15 days. 

Cultivar: Colombia

The Colombia variety is a variety developed by the National Coffee Research Centre in Colombia (Cenicafe), which was put on the market in 1983 after more than 15 years of research.

It all began in 1968 with the crossing of Caturra and the Timor Hybrid, in order to develop a cultivar that would be productive and resistant to rust and that could also be planted at high density, as is the case with Caturra. 

This variety has been improved over the years and has been the breeding basis for different sub-varieties, one of them being Castillo. The variety Colombia can produce red and yellow cherries. Caramel, chocolate, and hints of cherry comes forward when tasting this coffee. Also described to be a sweet, bright and a full-bodied bean.

Villa Luz

Villa Luz is a 15-hectare farm located at 1650m. The farm includes 5 hectares of pristine forest and water birds. Along with coffee trees, the farm has guamo, cascarilla, mango, heliconea and guava trees.  

Emilson Mosquera, Ana Milena Morera and their son Victor Manuel Mosquera are the hands behind this rising star farm. Even though they started only recently in the production of specialty coffees their know-how and passion is top-notch.

This passionate and hard-working coffee family decided to focus on the production of specialty coffees in 2020, when Ana Milena started watching fermentation tutorials on you tube and decided to do some experiments on her farm. To this event, Victor Manuel added the idea of making small batches to present in competitions. The results of the great work of this coffee family is recognised with TOP 10 in various competitions and auctions such as The Best of Cauca, Colombia Land and Diversity and others.

Terroir: Cauca

The Cauca region is the cradle of the Colombian massif, which is the source of most of Colombia's major rivers such as the Cauca and Magdalena. Cauca is closer to the equator, receives the most hours of sunshine throughout the year and has a stable climate throughout the year. Furthermore, the farms enjoy the protection of the high mountains from the winds and humidity that comes from the Pacific.
Similarly, the interaction of the sugar with the sulphur from the volcanic soils originating from the presence of the Puracé and Sotará volcanoes influences the caramel aroma that characterizes the coffees of this region. This can generally be described as having a strong, caramel aroma, with notes of chocolate, caramel, apple and honey. They have a bright, high acidity in the cup and a medium body with a balanced, smooth and clean overall impression.
In Cauca, it is very common to find micro-lots and nano-lots with very particular processing characteristics and cup profile. 

Farm gate price


Please note that this is the farm gate price only. The farm gate price is quite literally the price paid at the farm (to the producer) for parchment coffee. The Farm gate price is the best indicator when talking about real prices paid to farmers. 

Stay tuned for more exceptional coffees in our WOW-series, as we continue to explore and showcase the best that the coffee world has to offer.