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French Press 600ml

The French Press may be used both for brewing coffee and tea. Its double mesh filter stops the fines from getting into the brew, which results in a more delicate and clear drink.
2 - 3 business days


  • Glass body
  • Metal teflon coated lid and plastic under
  • Rubber base to prevent slipping
  • Heat resistant glass
  • 600ml

Brewing suggestion

  1. Use one of our coffees that is roasted for filter
  2. Grind coffee coarser than normal
  3. Use 7 g of ground coffee per 100ml of water
  4. Heat water to approx 93°C
  5. Pour 70ml water over the ground coffee and let bloom for 30 seconds
  6. Pour the rest of the water
  7. Place lid and let brew for 3:30 minutes
  8. No need to stir, push the lid down slowly
  9. Serve your coffee

Feel free to experiment to find your perfect brew.