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Finca La Cruz - Filter

La Cruz is a standout. This high scoring anaerobic coffee is complex and smooth with notes of blueberry and wild honey. A must try!
2 - 3 business days

Origin: Colombia, Medina Espejo

Producer: Libardo & Alba Lazo

Variety:  Caturra

Growing altitude: 1700 - 2000m

Processing method: anaerobic, fully washed

Tasting notes: blueberry, wild honey, velvety

Libardo & Alba Lazo have produced many high-ranking Cup of Excellence lots, so it is no surprise they have also produced this high-scoring Anaerobic FW lot. They focus on utilizing organic practice to minimize chemical inputs and protect the environment. Anaerobic fermentation occurs in sealed containers. The seal means the microbes fueling fermentation quickly consume all the oxygen in the container, making the environment anaerobic. In this new environment, the microbes, that flourish on carbon dioxide dominate the fermentation, have the potential to produce a wide array of flavours. The result is pure magic: a rich and smooth coffee with notes of blueberry and wild honey.