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Gahahe - Espresso

Gahahe is a sweet, juicy, perfectly balanced coffee. It is smooth as much as it sparkles with notes of raspberry and hazelnut! A must try!
2 - 3 business days

Origin: Burundi

Washing station: Gahahe central washing station

Variety: Bourbon

Growing altitude: 1700m

Processing method: washed

Tasting notes: raspberry, hazelnut, bright acidity

Grown high in the ranges of northern Burundi and washed by the same clean mountain waters that feed the Nile River, Gahahe is a four-time winner of Burundi’s Cup of Excellence.
This particular batch of washed bourbon beans has an incredibly nuanced flavor profile. The fully washed processing brings a crisp vibrancy not typically found in coffees from Burundi. Gahahe is loaded with fruity, raspberry flavours and intense notes of hazelnut. An ideal summer coffee with its fresh, lively flavours and bright acidity. We are extremely excited to share this coffee with you! Enjoy!