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Gahahe - Filter

We look forward to sharing this fresh coffee with you! We are pretty sure you'll agree that this year's Gahahe is exceptional with crisp notes of violet and plum!
2-3 business days

Origin: Burundi

Washing station: Gahahe central washing station, Kayanza

Variety: Bourbon

Growing altitude: 1800m

Processing method: fully washed

Tasting notes: yellow plum, baked apple, honey, violet

Grown high in the ranges of northern Burundi and washed by the same clean mountain waters that feed the Nile River, Gahahe is a four-time winner of Burundi’s Cup of Excellence.This particular batch of washed bourbon beans has an incredibly nuanced flavor profile. The fully washed processing brings a crisp vibrancy not typically found in coffees from Burundi. On first sip you will notice a floral bouquet of violet before landing on intense notes of yellow plum and baked apple. Gahahe becomes more juicy and crisp with each sip. Enjoy!