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Getenet Tafa - Filter

Strawberries dipped in milk chocolate. A true delight!
2 - 3 business days

Origin: Ethiopia, Jimma

Farm / Washing station: Getenet Tafa

Variety:  heirloom & JARC

Growing altitude: 1880-1950m

Processing method: natural

Tasting notes: strawberry, milk chocolate, hazelnut, smooth

Getenet’s farm is small, yet relatively large by Ethiopian standards. His 6.7 hectares feature a number of coffee varieties. Many of the methods he uses are organic. After selective handpicking, Getenet lays his cherry to sun dry on raised beds. Once dry, cherry is rested and then sent to a dry mill. Thanks to the Bashasha Project, producer Getenet Tafa has been able to export and sell his coffee under his own name. He is inspired to produce the best quality coffee possible. He has a lot to be proud of. This coffee has a layered complex sweetness and delicate notes of fruit and nutty chocolate.