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Review Rectangle oven dish + handle

Rectangle oven dish + handle

This black pottery is handmade in La Chamba, a village in the region of Tolima in Columbia.Not only beautiful, but it's also very sturdy and will last many years!
2 - 3 business days

Indigena's black pottery is handmade in Colombia, using dried spices which gives them the black colour. Every piece is one of a kind with small variations in size and shape. The pottery is suitable for every heat source, except for induction, which makes them perfect to serve dishes straight from stove into oven to table. 

The clay retains heat and fluids, which allows for a slow and balanced cooking process: the ingredients can cook in their own juices. Your dishes will be healthier and tastier because your ingredients require less fats & liquids to cook.

  • 100% organic clay, no lead or varnish
  • Handwash. Use of dishwasher allowed, yet not advised
  • Before using the object for the first time and only once, wash it well first and then fill half of the pan with water and let it cook  30 minutes in the oven on 200°C 
  • use on gas or electric stove, in the oven and microwave. No induction.
    Please keep in mind when cooking in clay, the cookware does not like quick, extreme temperature changes. Bring up the heat slowly.
  • dimensions: 
    • S: L25 D17,5 H4
    • M: L30 D23,5 H6-8
    • L: L35 D26,5 H6-8