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Review Stainless Steel Dripper WDS-185

Stainless Steel Dripper WDS-185

This Kalita Wave Tsubame is a symbolic flat-bottomed dripper. With its three-hole design and wave filters, it makes a flavoursome and full-bodied cup of coffee.
2 - 3 working days

Brew directly into a cup, or mount it on a brew stand. We recommend this size (#185) for brewing about 26-45 grams of coffee, yielding between 0,4 and 0,8 liter of brewed coffee.

Tsubame city is famous for high quality metalworking industry around the world. Engraved with " Made in Tsumabe", it certifies the quality of Tsumabe. Chopped-cone shape dripper with a flat-bottom and three triangulated holes in its base. A contact area of the dripper with the filter is small, it encourages a smooth extraction. Wave dripper helps anyone can easily make a tasty coffee without a skillful pouring technique.

Made of stainless steel
For 2 to 4 cups
Use with wave filter 185

Product weight:202g
Product box size (mm):116×118×88