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Monkey Blend - Capsules

This season’s blend makes a phenomenal rich espresso with a sweet finish. It is balanced and creamy, with notes of blackberry and dark chocolate. Besides being super as espresso, it matches perfectly with milk. All in certified home compostable capsules.

Origin: Brazil & Burundi

Farm: Casa Nova, Sitio Serra Negra & Kibingo

Variety: Bourbon, Catuai & Catucai

Process: natural

Tasting notes: blackberry, dark chocolate, brazil nut


brander’ s classic crowd pleaser, rounded and sweet. Besides being super as espresso, our Monkey blend matches perfectly with milk. This season, we have chosen Casa Nova from Brazil as a base for our blend. Casa Nova grants intensely sweet notes alongside a mild acidity with cocoa and caramel sweetness. We have paired it with another Brazilian coffee, Sitio Serra Negra, and a lot from Kibingo station in Burundi. Sitio Serra Negra adds body and nutty flavours. Kibingo is pleasantly rich and loaded with notes of berries. The blend makes a mouth-coating espresso. Pure bliss, to be enjoyed black or with milk!

Shots: We recommend using our capsules only for espresso or ristretto shots. 

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