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Monkey Blend

This season’s blend makes a phenomenal rich espresso with a sweet finish. It is perfectly balanced and creamy, with notes of rosehip and roasted hazelnut. Besides being super as espresso, our Monkey Blend matches perfectly with milk.
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Origin: Brazil, Colombia

Farm: Santa Clara, Serrania del Perija, Fazenda Passeio

Variety: mainly Red Catuai, Castillo, Caturra

Process: natural, washed

Tasting notes: rosehip, cacao, roasted hazelnut

brander’ s signature blend, rounded and sweet. Besides being super as espresso, our Monkey blend matches perfectly with milk. This season, we wanted to highlight coffee’s sunny and refreshing qualities. The blend of two great natural-processed coffees from Brazil and a washed Colombia hits all the right notes. Santa Clara is sweet, very fruity and full bodied, Fazenda Passeio brings a rich and creamy mouthfeel to the cup, while a gorgeous washed Colombia adds complexity and a crisp vibrancy. This coffee makes a mouth-coating, sweet espresso. A clean, flavoursome crowd pleaser. Pure bliss, to be enjoyed black or with milk!