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Muzo - Espresso

Muzo's taste lingers on the palette with a sweet and fruity aroma with rich notes of blueberry and white almond. Excited to share this coffee with you! Enjoy!
2 - 3 working days

Origin: Gakenke, Rwanda

Producer: Muzo Cooperative

Variety:  Red Bourbon

Growing altitude: 1570 - 2200m

Processing method: fully washed

Tasting notes: white almond, blueberry, black tea

After 15 years of experience in specialty coffee industry, Emmanuel Rusatira and his family set up Baho coffee. The cooperative is a previous Cup of Excellence winner and scored highly in several Rwandan coffee quality competitions over the years. Although Muzo is one of the smallest washing stations they own, it produces some of the finest quality. Muzo is located in the hilly Gakenke District. The rich volcanic soil, the high rainfall and the cool temperatures in this area create fruity, sweet and round cup profiles. Muzo is well balanced, smooth and mellow, yet snappy, with notes of blueberry and almond. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.