V60-02 Ceramic Coffee Dripper Light Blue


The HARIO V60 is the "dripper that can create variations of flavor for those who brew coffee." You can change the flavor tailored to various preferences by adjusting the brewing method, while ensuring a proper extraction of delicious taste and aroma from the coffee beans.

V60 Feature 1: Cone Shape

If the dripper is in cone shape, the layers of coffee grounds become vertically thicker than on the flat surface of the trapezoid dripper. The cone-shaped dripper lets hot water flow toward the center, allowing it to stay in contact with the coffee grounds longer and ensuring a proper extraction of taste and aromatic constituents from the coffee grounds.

V60 Feature 2: Spiral Ribs

When grounds are saturated, the high ribs do not hinder their expansion and a layer of air is created between the paper and the dripper. The twisted ribs prevent the paper and the dripper from sticking, letting the air through and allowing the grounds to expand adequately This promotes a smooth extraction.

V60 Feature 3: A single large hole

A large hole is made in the bottom of the dripper. This makes the tip of the paper protrude through the hole, allowing the hot water, unrestricted by the dripper, to perform extraction closer to that of a cloth filter. By changing the speed of pouring, you can brew coffee with your preferred taste, stronger or lighter.

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