El Cedro - Filter - WOW Series


Origin: San Augustin, Huila, Colombia

Producer: Servio Tulio Botina Quinayas

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Growing altitude: 1850-1900m

Processing method: washed

Tasting notes: pineapple, mango, strawberry, complex

We are excited to add another gem to our WOW series! This Bourbon Rosado from Servio Tulio Botina Quinayas and his team at Finca El Cedro is an incredibly dynamic Pink Bourbon lot. The beans have been harvested by hand and dried on raised beds in direct sunlight for 16 to 21 days, reflecting meticulous care. Servio was an award winner at the Copa de Oro this year. His work stands out with a profile that deviates from the popular pulpy profiles that often win titles.
El Cedro is vibrant and very fruit-forward, with notes of pineapple, strawberry, mango, and cranberry. The fruitiness is sensational, and the sweet acidity is truly captivating. A cup of El Cedro is a sensory experience we must share with you. In one word: WOW!"

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