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Finca La Estrella - Filter


Origin: Los Pinos, Huila, Colombia

Producer: Diego Andrés Camacho Osorio

Variety: Colombia

Growing altitude: 1800m

Processing method: fully washed

Tasting notes: white currants, lychee, nutty

At Finca La Estrella, Diego shoots for the moon with excellent fully washed coffees. The farm sits at 1800 masl, creating ideal conditions for sweet and dense cherry. Diego is affiliated with Manos al Grano, a non-profit organisation that supports coffee pickers. Trained pickers handpick the cherries which are gently fermented for 12 hours, pulped and placed in tanks to ferment for another 24 hours. The beans are dried on patios for two days and finished at low temperature in a mechanical dryer for 40 hours. Diego's meticulous processing techniques magnify the flavours. Finca La Estrella is a fantastic, sweet coffee with notes of white currant and lychee.

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