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Granja Paraiso 92 Sudan Rume - Filter


Origin: Cauca, Colombia

Producer: Wilton Benitez

Variety: Sudan Rume

Growing altitude: 1950m

Processing method: anaerobic lactic fermentation with a thermal shock washing

Tasting notes: apricot, cherry blossom, butter cookie

Introducing the latest creation from master coffee grower Wilton Benitez - a specialty coffee bean that is sure to delight the senses. He developed a special fermentation technique for this coffee: anaerobic lactic fermentation with a thermal shock washing. This mild fermentation enhances the genetic flavour profile of the Sudan Rume varietal. The result is an excellent example of the gentle changes that can be obtained by processing. The coffee is clean with incredibly bright floral notes, such as jasmine and cherry blossom, and very fruit-forward with notes of apricot, tropical fruits, lychee, and sweet mandarin. Cooling down, expect notes of marshmallow, macadamia nuts and butter cookie! A unique sensory experience.

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