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Kiri - Filter


Origin: Kirinyaga, Central Province

Producer: 1200 farmers & Kiri Coffee Factory

Variety: Ruiri 11, SL28, SL34, Batian

Growing altitude: 1450m

Processing method: washed

Tasting notes: lemon, white almond, bright

Kiri washing station is located on the South side of Mount Kenya, near the town of Kianyaga. 1200 farmers from neighbouring villages deliver cherries to the washing station. The coffee cherries are handpicked and, after pulping, fermented overnight to break down sugars. Then the coffee beans are washed and dried for 7 to 15 days on raised beds. Meticulous turning and sorting throughout the drying process results in a high quality coffee with a soft and lingering citric acidity. Alongside the lemon notes, this coffee is very bright overall with a touch of almond sweetness.

Grind size:

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