Costa Rica

La Fila - Filter


Origin: Chirripó, Costa Rica

Producer: Regulo Ureña & Isabel Rojas

Variety: Villalobos

Growing altitude: 1300-1825m

Processing method: black honey

Tasting notes: yellow raspberry, fresh fig, cacao

La Fila is the name of the small plantation where this coffee grows. La Fila is processed at a family-run micromill, established by the Ureña family, located in a micro region called Chirripó. The farm is impressively well organised, controlling every step of the coffee production. The villalobos cultivar is super interesting, it’s a natural mutation of typica. The Black Honey process is a drying process where part of the cherry remains on the bean and is covered while drying. This process is the most complex, laborious and expensive way to produce green coffee, but it results in a rich-bodied, flavourful coffee unlike any other. These beans captivated us when we got our first sip, showcasing an elegant and juicy coffee with sweet depth, notes of yellow raspberry, fresh fig and cacao.

Grind size:

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