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Origin: Acatenango region, Guatemala

Producer: Henio, Raul & Jose Perez

Variety: Caturra

Growing altitude: 1650m

Processing method: washed, 96h fermentation

Tasting notes: apricot, orange, banana, white almond

Finca La Soledad is situated in the lush heart of the Acatenango region. Its unique microclimate and rich volcanic soil create an ideal environment for cultivating high-quality coffee with a distinct profile. Henio and his two sons, Raul and Jose, have continuously developed and refined their processing standards to maximise the coffee's quality potential. They have been recognised multiple times in the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence, earning great respect throughout the coffee industry.
In their pursuit of new flavour profiles and innovation, they have experimented with different fermentation techniques, resulting in this 96-hour fermented coffee. We were captivated by its delicate notes of apricot, orange and banana, complemented by the nuttiness of white almond.

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