brander coffee roasters

Monkey Blend


Origin: Guatemala, Brazil & Ethiopia

Farm: Atitlan, Dutra & Bochessa Maleko

Variety: mainly Bourbon, Caturra & (Yellow) Catuai

Process: washed & pulped natural

Tasting notes: roasted hazelnut, blueberry, butter cookie

brander’ s classic crowd pleaser, rounded and sweet. Monkey Blend has been our signature espresso blend since we started in 2017. This season, we have paired Atitlan, a washed coffee from Guatemala, with Dutra from Brazil and Bochessa from Ethiopia. The components complement each other perfectly. Atitlan is sweet and has a soft mouthfeel. Adding Dutra brings body and nuttiness to the cup. Bochessa is vibrant and complex with a beautiful fruity and milky aroma.

This season’s blend is perfectly balanced and creamy. A nutty coffee with notes of butter cookies and blueberry. To be enjoyed black or with milk!

Grind size:

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