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Mundayo - Filter


Origin: Nensebo, Oromia, Ethiopia

Producer: 750 smallholders & AASH PLC washing station

Variety: JARC varieties & local landraces

Growing altitude: 1950m

Processing method: natural

Tasting notes: wild strawberry, melon, lingering


About 750 local smallholders deliver to the AASH PLC station and produce top-notch specialty coffees. The smallholders farmed coffee for generations and are true specialists. Farms are planted with a mixture of JARC varieties and local landraces that are hyper-local and suited to the unique conditions of the region. The high altitudes and ideal coffee growing conditions combined with farmer know-how and quality-oriented processing results in an exquisite natural with the fruit and floral combo so iconic in Ethiopia. This high-scoring coffee is lingering and sweet with intense notes of wild strawberry and melon. The cup is juicy and intense overall.

Grind size:

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