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Villa Luz - Filter


Origin: Cauca, Colombia

Producer: Emilson Mosquera

Variety: Colombia

Growing altitude: 1650m

Processing method: 15 days anaerobic natural fermentation

Tasting notes: strawberry, melon, jammy

Emilson Mosquera, Ana Milena Morera, and their son Victor Manuel burst onto the coffee scene in 2020, creating cups that shattered expectations. It came as no surprise when this rising-star family farm was recognized in the TOP 10 of various competitions and auctions such as The Best of Cauca, Colombia Land and Diversity, and others. This lot comprises only the healthiest and most dense cherries, packed with flavour. After a prolonged fermentation at low temperature (15 to 18oC) for 15 days while still in the cherry, the coffee is sun-dried on African beds for an additional 15 days.
With its exceptional playful fruitiness, this coffee boasts flavours of pineapple, strawberry, and melon, accompanied by a full, jammy body and uninhibited sweetness. Love and dedication have never tasted so fruity!

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