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San Augustin - Espresso

A fantastic sweet, nutty espresso with notes of plum and grape, perfect for upcoming autumn days!
2 - 3 business days

Origin: Colombia, Andean region, Tolima

Producer: 30 small coffee farmers

Variety: Caturra & Colombia

Growing altitude: 1750 - 1900m

Processing method: washed after natural fermentation

Tasting notes: plum, walnut, cacao nibs

The Club San Agustin is a selected group, made up of 30 small coffee farmers along with their families. The farmers live in different villages of the municipality of San Agustin. They are fully committed to produce and deliver the best coffees. Among the producers are several winners of Cup of Excellence competitions. This organic lot has been pulped, fermented for 48 hours, then fully washed and sun dried. The processing brings a fresh vibrancy not typically found in coffees from Colombia. You will notice a nutty sweetness, before landing on intense notes of plum and grapes. This is a soft, balanced coffee that seems new with every cup. Enjoy!