Our organic coffee capsule is made of a bioplastic equipped with an oxygen and steam barrier.
The biomaterial was specifically developed to protect the product from the effects of oxygen.
This guarantees the quality of the product, seeing as all aromas contained in the product are protected and the general shelf life is extended.


Our organic capsule is made of a bio-based plastic and is completely aluminum-free. 
The same applies to the Nespresso® system sealing material that is used for the lid, as well as the paper ring seal, which are also entirely without aluminum. 
All components of our capsules are approved by the EFSA (European Food Safety).



This oxygen-tight organic capsule will not only help you protect the environment but will simultaneously optimize and reduce your work and production processes in the areas of filling and final packaging.
This sustainable and oxygen-tight bio-capsule can do without any outer packaging, which reduces the packaging size and will help you to not only save space, but also costs.


The production site is certified by Climate Partner as CO2 climate neutral and produces its bio-capsules with energy from hydropower.
This sends an important and positive signal, especially to end consumers, that resources are conserved as early as the production process and that a significant contribution to environmental and climate protection is made right from the start.



The capsule has been certified as “OK COMPOST” by TÜV Austria / Vincotte since December 2017.


Our capsules are made of a bioplastic, which consists of renewable raw materials.
The technical additives are also biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
During production, special emphasis is again placed on making the manufacturing process of the bio-capsules as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.



The organic capsules are optimized for the use in all current Nespresso®* machines.
Any new developments in coffee machines on the market are regularly monitored, to ensure that any necessary modifications to the bio-capsule can be made in good time.


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