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Review Ballpoint pen Black brassing (spring)

Ballpoint pen Black brassing (spring)

A writing instrument that cries out to be held. Ystudio's industrial aesthetic evokes a sense of utilitarianism, as well as the beauty that comes from it. The coating over the brass will wear away with time, and will identify the pen as uniquely yours.
2 - 3 business days

The Ystudio Brassing Sketching Pen is your personalized work of art. The premise behind it is simple yet endlessly sophisticated. If you are familiar with the highly sought after vintage black paint Leica cameras of lore - you’ll know exactly what the allure is about.
The solid brass body is coated with a matte black paint. The paint is designed to wear off naturally and gradually over time and use, revealing the gorgeous brass surface below. It serves to mark the passage of time, as well as chronicling your unique usage and wear patterns. Needless to say, no two pens will look alike because everyone will use it differently. This is truly your very own work of art.
While visually stunning, it’s also designed for your ease of use and reliability in mind. The slim and compact profile makes it easy to carry because it slips into your pocket unnoticed. The hexagonal body provides a comfortable and secure grip for your writing.The combination of deep black and golden brass accents gives the pen a classic and luxurious appearance.

  • solid brass construction coated with matte black paint
  • black paint wears off with time to reveal 'brassing'
  • cross type ballpoint pen refill ( = standard Parker ballpoint refill)
  • hand forged in Taiwan in a traditional thousand-degree furnace
  • 8.5 x 9.5 x 140 mm
  • comes in a gorgeous black gift box with gold-kissed letters reading 'the weight of words'