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Rollerball pen

The rollerball pen stands out for its exquisite materials, but even more for its functionality.It is heavy enough to provide a stable grip and smooth writing.

ystudio’s rollerball pen is made from high quality bronze, brass and copper. The weight of these metals gives this pencil a super-smooth writing experience. The cast bronze pen shaft will slowly change color as it is used. Leave the patina for a truly one-of-a-kind writing instrument, or restore it to its original luster by polishing it with copper oil. The cap securely screws into place when the pen is not in use.

Each writing tool from ystudio is created by using the scorching heat of a 1,000° traditional Taiwanese furnace. The collection is characterized by modern design mixed with decades of metalwork mastery.

  • raw solid brass, copper
  • 9.7 X 11 X 130 mm
  • SCHMIDT Safety Ceramic Roller 5888 F refills
  • hand forged in Taiwan in a traditional thousand-degree furnace