Bochessa Maleko - Filter


Origin: Rumudamo, Sidama region, Ethiopia

Producer: local farmers & Tsegab Ayele washing station

Variety: 17158, 74165 & Heirloom

Growing altitude: 2350m

Processing method: washed

Tasting notes: apple blossom, grapefruit, Liège syrup

Bochessa Maleko is grown by local farmers near Rumudamo village in the Sidama region of Ethiopia at an altitude of over 2,350 meters above sea level. After being hand-picked, the fully ripe cherries are fermented and washed at Tsegab Ayele’s station. The coffee is then dried for 10 to 12 days on African beds under shade, which is reflected in the cup. Bochessa Maleko is a shining example of what Ethiopian coffee can offer: bursting with fresh fruit flavours, hints of grapefruit, Liège syrup, and a subtle floral taste. We are thrilled to share this coffee with you! Enjoy!

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