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El Lobo Blanco - Filter


Origin: Cauca, Colombia

Producer: Nancy & Oscar Maca

Variety: Castillo & Wush Wush

Growing altitude: 1950m

Processing method: washed

Tasting notes: Mirabelle plum, milky, honey

Another standout specialty coffee in our selection is this delicious offering from Finca El Zafiro! Nancy and Oscar are truly passionate coffee producers who prioritize quality over high yields. El Zafiro farm's coffee is top-notch, and it's no wonder the farm has won several awards for the excellence of their coffee including 3rd place of Cup of Excellence 2021 with a Castillo Natural, Best coffee of Cauca, 1st place Cauca’s best cup and 3rd best of Cauca in August 2023.

The farm is a very special place and its coffees are truly unique. The combination of specialty coffee production and a commitment to preserving natural reserves adds a unique and sustainable dimension to the farm. The coffee is cultivated in rich volcanic soil, benefiting from a year-round temperature range of 12-28 degrees Celsius, ideal for slow cherry maturation and the development of complex flavor profiles. Nancy and Oscar's meticulous attention to cultivation and processing shines through in the cup. Nancy's curiosity about coffee processing ignited El Zafiro farm's journey into crafting exceptional specialty coffees. Oscar's Q-processing certification equips him with the technical expertise to intentionally aim for specific results in every process they undertake. The farm's multitude of awards serves as a constant motivator, fueling Nancy and Oscar's continued dedication and enthusiasm.
El Lobo Blanco is an exceptionally well-balanced cup, exuding elegance with delicate mouthfeel and refreshing juiciness. The coffee is bright, silky and sweet. It’s big, fruit-forward flavours are undeniable. It boasts flavours of Mirabel plum and chardonnay, accompanied by a milky body and uninhibited sweetness. This coffee has pleasant floral notes too, due to the presence of wush wush together with the Castillo in this coffee. In fact, you will notice beans that are very small and dense, which is a characteristic of wush wush. Each sip narrates a story of tradition, innovation, and exquisite flavour that defines this award-winning farm.

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