Finca Infalme - Espresso


Origin: Quellouno, Cusco, Peru

Producer: Rafael Tupayupanqui Vargas

Variety: Bourbon

Growing altitude: 2000m

Processing method: anaerobic fully washed

Tasting notes: pecan nuts, raspberry, peach

Rafael has been producing coffee for 50 years on the farm he inherited. His passion lies in specialty coffee production and continuous quality improvement. Rafael’s farm operates organically, relying on compost and bird manure for plant fertilisation. The shade for his coffee trees is provided by Pacay trees, which serve the dual purpose of charm and nitrogen replenishment in the soil. Rafael handpicks and processes the cherries on the same day. The coffee is fermented for 40-hours and dried in 19 days. Rafael’s care and attention results in a distinctive, and unique cup profile. This exceptional coffee boasts a delightful blend of nuttiness and sweetness, with notes of raspberry, peach, and pecan.

Grind size:

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