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Finca Joya Verde - Festive Filter


Origin: Santa Barbara, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Producer: Maria Elena Vides & Renardo Ovalle

Variety: Caturra & Bourbon

Growing altitude: 1800-2300m

Processing method: washed anaerobic

Tasting notes: walnut, peach, milk chocolate

We selected Finca Joya Verde as a single origin coffee for the festive season. Finca Joya Verde washed anaerobic is grown in a small farm in Huehuetenango. After being handpicked, the beans are anaerobically fermented for 60 hours and then washed for 60 more before being dried on African beds for 12-18 days. This lengthy process results in an delightful coffee with a mandarin taste and a deep aroma. The coffee is like a wool sweater: comforting and cosy. With notes of walnut, peach and milk chocolate, it warms even the chilliest nights! A great way to brighten up winter and the perfect companion for all holiday festivities, shared with family and friends.

Grind size:

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